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About Unnikrishnan

Unnikrishnan was initiated into Carnatic Music at age of 12 by Seshadri, Unnikrishnan. He was inspired by Sangita Kalanidhi Dr. S. Ramanathan.He attended a special workshop for six months on “Veena Dhanammal Bhani” under Sangeetha Kalanidhi T.Brinda and Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr.T.Vishwanathan.

He is a national award winning playback singer for his debut film song “Ennavale Adi Ennavale”. The song was composed by A. R. Rahman, with whom Unni Krishnan gave most of his memorable songs. He is one of the permanent judges in the reality television show AIRTEL Super Singer on Vijay TV in both the seasons (2006, 2008 & 2010-2011) and 2008 Idea Star Singer on Asianet.

Unnikrishnan is also becoming known for his experimental work. In 2008, he presented a novel jazz concert in Trivandrum with the Eli Yamin Jazz Quartet and pianist Anil Srinivasan.


For Unni, cricket and Carnatic music are alike

For Unni, cricket and Carnatic music are alike

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Voice Perfection Personified Vocal Perfection Personified

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